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        The quality of paper cup machine can be distinguished from which aspects?

        2022-07-18 15:21:46

          paper cup machine, paper bowls from raw materials ( Paper) to goods (formed paper cups, paper bowls) need to go through three processes: printing, die-cutting, forming, and only two processes are required from the carton: die-cutting and forming.

          paper cup machinemilk is fresh, elegant, hygienic, convenient, fashionable, Gives a refreshing feeling. In foreign countries, especially Japan and Southeast Asian countries, it is used to package liquid milk or fermented milk. And it is a new form of packaging in China.

        paper cup machine

          At present, most investors complete the printing and die-cutting process at the beginning, except for the large manufacturers to complete all the processes independently. First, it can reduce investment; second, the printing process is highly specialized.

          Due to poor pulp quality, some paper cup machines in order to make the cups look To be whiter, some paper cup manufacturers have added a lot of fluorescent whitening agents. This fluorescent substance mutates cells and, once inside the body, becomes a potential carcinogen. According to national regulations, food paper shall not use fluorescent powder. So the whiter the paper cup, the better.

          Thanks to paper cup machines and roof bags, milk in glass bottles and bags The sales target of milk is different, which meets the needs of consumers who like the new and hates the old, realizes differentiated sales, increases the price difference, and brings additional profits.


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