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        The application and advantages of high-speed paper cup machine

        2022-07-18 16:22:54

        Paper cup machineHigh efficiency, the highest speed can reach 150/min; automatic mold centering for quick replacement; fully automatic The lubrication system can fully guarantee the high-speed paper cup machine to run at high speed for a long time.

        paper cup machine

        Features of the high-speed paper cup machine:

        1. The production efficiency of a single machine is high, up to 150/min.

        2. The feeding of the inclined frame cup body paper is stable, saving space.

        3. Swiss hot air bonding to improve growth speed and product quality.

        4. The bottom paper of the cup is driven by servo, which is stable and has high precision.

        5. The automatic lubrication system ensures long-term high-speed operation of the equipment with low noise.

        6. The motion station adopts cam drive to make the action more stable and efficient.

        7. PLC control, the host speed is steplessly adjustable.

        8. The mold is centered, which can be replaced quickly and improve production efficiency.

        9. Humanized cup collection system makes cup collection and packaging easier.

        10. Intelligent design, set up automatic fault alarm, automatic emergency shutdown and other safety devices.


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