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        Introduced the cold knowledge of paper bowl machine.

        2022-07-18 15:17:08

        Introduced Paper bowl machine cool knowledge.

        Paper bowl machine is one of the widely used in the market, because its paper material is more environmentally friendly than plastic, so today we pay more and more attention to environmental protection, and the paper bowl market is slowly expanding, so the high efficiency and operation of paper bowl machine Simple machines are loved by the public.

        In short, a paper bowl machine is a mechanical device used to make paper bowls. It can not only produce disposable paper bowls, but also plastic paper bowls, such as instant noodle paper bowls, plastic bowls, milk tea cups, etc. The process of the paper bowl machine is simple and easy to operate and has high efficiency. Although paper bowl machines deal with convenience in shopping malls, many people question the safety of paper bowls.

        The paper bowl machine melts and coats the inner surface of the barrel, then cuts off all power. If necessary, spray paint on the exterior of the machine, cover it with plastic paper after drying, and store it in a dry place. Remove and clean all rolling bearings and add new grease. Calcium-sodium based greases can be used. Check the stove for smoke leaks. If smoke leaks are found, check drum smoke rings, stoves and chimneys. If any damage is found, it should be repaired and replaced in time. The electric heating model should check whether the electric heating tube is damaged, and if it is damaged, it should be replaced. Remove any dirt from the friction surfaces, especially clean the chain and sprockets, and re-lubricate. We know that the paper bowl machine is mainly used for the packaging of paper bowls. Not only can it operate alone, but it can also be used with assembly line equipment. It can be operated alone or used with other packaging equipment such as paper bowl machines, labeling machines, binding machines, pallet stackers, conveyors and other packaging equipment, which is one of the necessary equipment for packaging and assembly line operations. How to deal with the failure of the paper bowl machine.

        The cam organization of the paper bowl machine can make the follower of the paper bowl machine obtain more chaotic motion rules, so as to complete the cycle effect of cardboard production and meet the needs of producing more cardboard products. The cam organization has the characteristics of simple and compact structure and planning, which can meet the needs of various chaotic movements, and can not only be used in paper bowl machines, but also play an important role in other equipment.

        The paper bowl machine, especially the paper bowl machine, if there is still abnormal noise after refueling, it means that it is formed by different hearts, and the ordinary smooth should be used for a week less. The paper bowl machine parts are loose and the pieces are loose, which is also easy to distinguish. When the machine is stopped, the user can check by hand whether the various parts of the paper bowl machine are loose. If so, they can clean up in time. Now more and more companies use paper bowl machines, but there is not much knowledge about the rolling screw drive of paper bowl machines. What is its rationale? Working principle: The rolling screw drive can be divided into two types: ball and roller according to the shape of the rolling body. Ball screws with balls as rolling elements are widely available. Ball screw nut drive is a screw drive that puts an appropriate amount of balls between the lead screw and the nut, so that the sliding friction between the lead screw and the nut becomes rolling friction. It consists of four parts: lead screw, nut, ball and ball circulation return device. As the screw and nut move, the balls move along the raceway.

        All the processing and forming parts of the paper bowl machine have been moved to the workbench. At present, the paper bowl machines on the market are all wrapped in the machine except the cup wallpaper. Advantages of placing the machined part on the workbench:

        a. Intuitive: It is convenient to find waste products in time in the process of processing paper cups and deal with them in time.

        b. Convenience: In case there is a small problem with the paper bowl machine. Inspection and maintenance are very convenient. There is no need for maintenance workers to be busy for a long time, and it is difficult to find the reason.

        c. Time saving: Since all the paper cups in the processing process can be directly seen during the operation, it can be realized at the same time of production and inspection, thus saving the re-inspection of the paper cups before packing.


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