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        The development potential of paper cup machine

        2022-07-18 15:43:57

          Paper cups are a product of the environmental era. In the historical trend of focusing on the environment, health and life, paper cup machine is increasingly popular among investors and the attention of entrepreneurs. Since China joined the WTO, the consumption level of the domestic people has been getting higher and higher, and the consumption concept has been getting closer and closer to the international advanced level. Especially since the State Economic and Trade Commission issued Order No. 6, the law has begun to prohibit disposable foam tableware. Paper cups have gradually replaced green disposable plastic cups and won the favor of consumers.

        paper cup machine

          paper cup machine produces paper cups that fully retain the advantages of paper products, Such as moisture-proof, fresh-keeping, temperature-sensing, visual, sterilization, anti-corrosion, etc. Compared with disposable plastic cups, paper cups use paper materials, processing properties, printing properties, hygiene properties, etc. In addition, due to the wide range of paper materials, it is easy to form large-scale production, has certain mechanical properties, and can be used for composite processing, with various varieties. The unreproducible nature of these relatively single-use plastic cups makes paper cups very low cost, relatively light in weight, easy to transport and recycle, and popular with more and more manufacturers.

          Therefore, paper cups are not only favored by consumers, but also regarded by merchants as the gold for a new round of wealth business opportunities. Many manufacturers have abandoned their original plastic cup equipment and replaced them with paper cup machines that specialize in the production of paper cups. The professional performance of paper cup machine makes it quite capable of producing cups, but it does not Can not meet this huge cup consumer market.

          According to statistics, in 2006, the consumption of paper cups in China was about 10 billion, and it is expected that it will increase substantially at an annual rate of 50% in the next few years. Because paper cups are indispensable disposable consumables in people's daily life, every family is indispensable, the demand is endless, and the market will never be exhausted. Relevant data shows that China consumes more than 50 billion disposable cups every year. With the improvement of national consumption level, it is not difficult to see that the current market share of paper cups is less than 20%, and its development potential is evident.


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