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        The raw materials used in the production process of paper cup machine

        2022-07-18 16:25:07

        The production and use of paper cup machine is in line with national environmental protection policy. Replacing disposable plastic cups with paper cups reduces white pollution. The convenience, hygiene and cheapness of paper cups are the keys to replacing other utensils to widely occupy the market. Paper cups are divided into cold drink cups and hot drink cups according to their uses. The material of the paper cup should not only meet the needs of its packaging processing performance, but also meet its printing adaptability. Moreover, among the many factors of printing technology, the conditions for heat sealing of paper cups must also be met.

        The paper cup material produced by the paper cup machine is composed of direct printing, die-cutting, forming, and spraying food wax on the surface of the paper cup base paper. The production process of the hot drink cup is to coat the paper cup base paper into paper cup paper, printing, die cutting and molding. The base paper of paper cups is composed of plant fibers. The production process generally uses plant fibers such as coniferous wood and hardwood to pass through the pulp board after pulping, refining, adding chemical auxiliary materials, screening, paper machine copying, etc. The paper cup of the paper cup machine is composed of paper cup base paper and plastic resin particles extruded. Polyethylene resin (PE) is generally used as the plastic resin. The paper cup base paper is coated with single-sided PE film or double-sided PE film to become single-sided PE paper cup paper or double-sided PE paper cup paper.

        PE itself is non-toxic, odorless and tasteless; reliable hygienic performance; stable chemical performance; balanced physical and mechanical properties, good cold resistance; water resistance, moisture resistance, certain oxygen barrier, oil resistance; excellent molding performance and good heat sealing performance. Polyethylene has large output, convenient source and low price, but it is not suitable for high-temperature cooking. If the paper cup has special performance requirements, plastic resin with corresponding performance should be selected when laminating.

        Hongxin is a professionally made paper container series The factory of automatic machinery and equipment has strong technical force and large-scale production capacity. It has a professional technical team composed of senior and intermediate mechanical, environmental protection, electronics, product development and other engineers, mechanical designers and technicians, and a high-quality production service team. Introduce international advanced CNC production equipment and production technology in batches, with rich manufacturing experience, the main products are: paper cup machine, Paper Bowl Maker, Paper plate machine, carton machine, pass-through paper machine, cake paper cup machine, KFC vat machine and other paper container equipment. It has reached the leading level of domestic similar products and enjoys a high reputation among the peers.


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